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Bogafjell 2

Published by: Per Anda / NAL Last updated 19.04.2013

Bogafjell 2 is part of a new residential area situated on a hill close to the town of Sandnes. The area consists of row houses as well as detached houses. All house are built to fullfill low energy standard, and was of great importance for implementing low-energy practice in industrially produced housing to come later.

Short facts

  • Architect: Code arkitektur AS
  • Project duration: 2007 - 2010
  • Area: 4062 m2 (heated BRA) (27 rowhouses)
  • Environmental goal: Energy label B , Low energy house class 1

Project description

Bogafjell is one of the largest development sites in Sandnes. The area has great views and proximity to recreation areas. Within the area there are two fields that both were part of Norwegian Wood project (Bogafjell 1 and 2).

There are three main dwelling types, and each type is designed in relation to sunlight and views, as well as the opportunities for  direct access to external areas. Some houses have been built with moisture diffusive walls as partly breathing construction in which a vapour check is used in place of a vapour barrier. The construction is thereby better ventilated and avoids moisture being trapped within the walls. This solution is also beneficial in terms of indoor environment.

The main concept is that the terrain processed in terraces that constitute the individual houses. This optimizes the relatively small plot the performance and utility. The principle is that this is performed with the mass balance for each blank to avoid unnecessary transportation. It is aimed for a simplicity and a unitary character of the town, both in form and color.

Timber technology:
Cross battened timber studwork walls for reduced cold-bridges.
Breathing external wall construction for selected houses.

Environmentally friendly materials:
Timber fibre insulation (selected houses)
Environmentally certified windows (Ecolabel). Ecolabel certified decking in selected areas. Fourteen products with environmental documentation approved by Norwegian Wood.

Energy efficiency:
Energy target: class B
Simple and compact building form
Well insulated building mass. Passive house standard windows. Exceptionally good airtigtness.
Balanced ventilation with high efficiency heat recovery
Space heating proposed to be provided by (air to air) heat pump (60 %)

Universal design
Access on steep terrain solved by teracing and creation of flat areas. Approx. Half of dwellings have whole life standard on entry level floor.


On Bogafjell has been our goal to develop a standard house concepts that meet Norwegian Wood criteria of high architectural quality, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials, and universal design.

Energy goal was class B of the proposed energy labeling in 2004 (estimated at 115 kWh/m2year delivered energy for detached and 100 kWh/m2year for apartment building).

Costs and funding

Total cost is approx. 76.9 million or 18 900 NOK/m2 incl VAT. The total additional cost for low-energy concept is estimated at 2.7 million or 3.5% of the total cost.


Area: 4062 m2 (heated BRA) (27 rowhouses)
Heated area: 4062 m²


Energy label: B
Energy consumption: Net energy: 113 kWh/m2 year. Delivered energy: 99 kWh/m2 year. (Input from NS3031 and standard climate)
Energy sources: Heat pump (air - air) (Main), Electric heaters, (peak)
Estimated net energy: 113 kWh/m²/year (NS3031)
Estimated energy delivered: 99 kWh/m²/year (NS3031)


Inndata fra NS3031 og standardklima


Room heating: 34,6 kWh/m²/year
Ventilation heating: 2,9 kWh/m²/year
Domestic hot water: 30 kWh/m²/year
Fans: 5,8 kWh/m²/year
Lighting: 13,6 kWh/m²/year
Technical equipment: 23,4 kWh/m²/year


U-value roof: 0,1 (W/m²K)
U-value floor: 0,13 (W/m²K)
U-value wall: 0,17 (W/m²K)
U-value windows/doors: 0,8 (W/m²K)
Specific Fanpower: 2 kW/(m3/s)
Heat recovery efficiency: 80 %


Building costs: 61,5 MNOK
Price pr square meter: 18934 kr/m²
Extra expenses energy: 667 kr/m²


Street address: Klåvsteinane 48, 4324 Sandnes
Place: Bogafjell
Municipality: Sandnes
Project duration: 2007 - 2010
Status: Completed
Project type: New building / addition , Regulation / zoning
Building type (function): Housing area / housing development , Detached home / townhouse
Environmental goal: Low energy house class 1
Case study project program: Norwegian Wood


Developer / client: Jadarhus AS
Architect: Code arkitektur AS
Project management: Jadarhus AS
Main contractor: Jadarhus AS
Sub contractors: Tunge Maskin AS (tomt), Frode Olsson (forskaling, støp), HS Vagle AS, Forus Rør, System Air (ventilasjon)
Drawings may contain errors and may not be in accordance with local law or building code. Drawings are copyrighted and for inspiration purposes only. National Association of Norwegian Architects is not responsible for any damage og loss caused by the any type of use of drawings available online.


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