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Covered open air stage and town square

  Last updated 19.04.2013

Lanternen is a covered town square and amphi-theater in the city centre of Sandnes. The glass-roof is carried by oak pillars that were designed in a complex data-model.

Short facts

  • Architect: Atelier Oslo | AWP (Frankrike)
  • Project duration: 2006 - 2008

Project description

This open-air stage is set in the centre of the municipality of Sandnes outside Stavanger, bringing focus back to the local centre in the face of competition from new harbourside developments. The project is the result of a limited design competition, and the aim is to cover as large an area as possible. The roof covers a level, flexible space, creating an acoustic shelter within the open public square.

The semi-transparent roof structure is supported on bunched columns in slender sections of solid, untreated oak. The competition design suggested a composite polyester roof, which would have entailed the use of harmful solvents; the covering has therefore been altered to glass shingles, hung from a secondary structure assembled with only mechanical fastenings. The complex structure has been calculated directly from a 3D digital model, which generated load images for the thousands of nodes and elements.

Timber technology:
Prefabricated column construction, with solid oak column.
Prefabricated lattice roof with laminated pine beams and purlins (90x90mm, at 700mm centres). Mechanical fixing, with use of steel connectors and bolts.

Environmentally friendly materials:
Primary construction, untreated solid oak. Timber construction protected by glass roof (timber protection through detailing). Lapped glass shingles (without sealant). Two products with environmental documentation approved by Norwegian Wood.

Universal design
Continuous floor without steps or raised edges.
Surface water channels integrated in pavement pattern to ensure a dry and low-slip surface.
Roof form and finishes aid acoustics: sound is amplified during concerts and background noise is reduced.

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Street address: Langgata 20, 4307 Sandnes
Place: Sandnes sentrum
Municipality: Sandnes
Project duration: 2006 - 2008
Status: Completed
Project type: Landscaping , New building / addition , City / local development
Building type (function): Cultural building / facility , Urban spaces, streets, squares
Case study project program: Norwegian Wood


Developer / client: Sandnes kommune
Architect: Atelier Oslo | AWP (Frankrike)
Project management: Sandnes Kommune (Ragna Stakland)
Consultants: Dr. techn. Kristoffer Apeland AS (RIB) | Øren Consult (RIBr) | Sweco Norge AS (RIA) | COWI (lysteknikk)
Main contractor: Timber AS
Sub contractors: Skandinaviska Glassystem AB (glass), Moelven limtre (limtre)
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