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Lierdalen farm house

  Last updated 19.04.2013

Extension of small farmhouse on Tasta in Stavanger. The project was part of the Norwegian Wood building projects, and focused strongly on the use natural and local materials, both for construction and heating.

Short facts

  • Architect: Arkitektkontoret Schjelderup & Gram as
  • Project duration: 2007 - 2009
  • Area: 45 m2

Project description

The Lierdal farm is centrally located in an open and beautiful agricultural landscape in Tasta, Stavanger. The main house is 52 sqm and too small for a family of four. The extension is joined to the main house with a lean-to on the gable wall, a typical extension for traditional houses of the area. The new 45 sqm building contains a living room, bedroom and a bath. At Lierdal sitka spruce from the area is used both for cladding of the new building and for heating in the house.

Timber technology
Structural frame constructed from locally produced solid oak. Timber studwork. Breathing wall construction.

Environmentally friendly materials
Solid oak primary construction. Untreated sitka spruce cladding from surrounding area. Hemp insulation. Clay boards on internal surfaces. Re-used, locally produced pan tiles. Environmentally certified windows (Swan mark). Six products with environmental documentation approved by Norwegian Wood.

Energy strategy
Energy target: class B
Simple building form with south orientated windows/glazing. Well insulated building envelope. Superinsulated windows (passive house).
Energy supply based upon bio-energy (from forest harvested on site) for space and water heating for farmhouse.

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Area: 45 m2


Street address: Myrveien 36, 4025 Stavanger
Place: Tasta
Municipality: Stavanger
Project duration: 2007 - 2009
Status: Completed
Project type: New building / addition
Building type (function): Detached home / townhouse
Case study project program: Norwegian Wood


Developer / client: Tone Ulland Stokke | Henning Stokke
Architect: Arkitektkontoret Schjelderup & Gram as
Project management: Henning Stokke
Sub contractors: Djupevik Båtbyggeri AS (hovedkonstruksjon eik), Byberg Maskin AS (gravearbeider), Rørteknikk AS (rør)
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