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Published by: Per Anda / NAL Last updated 06.06.2014

Marialunden is the project of 10 single row-houses located at Godeset south of Stavanger. The ambitions of the project were particularly on low energy use and architectural quality. The houses were produced in timber-elements that were transported to the site.

Short facts

  • Architect: Biesel Arkitekter AS, Eder | Noncon:form (Østerrike)
  • Landscapearchitect: Schønherr landskab KS
  • Project duration: 2006 - 2009
  • Area: approx. 2000 sqm
  • Environmental goal: Low energy house class 1

Project description

The sloping site has a good orientation for afternoon and evening sun. The project comprises two rows of five terraced houses, joined at lower ground floor level. On the upper floors, the gaps between the units allow a view through to the surrounding landscape. The houses are built to lowenergy standards, with a concrete base and prefabricated timber structures above. Airborne heat is supplied by a geothermal system.

Energy efficiency
Energy target: class A. Relatively simple and compact forms. South orientated windows. Well insulated building envelope without air leakage Superinsulating windows (passive house standard) Balanced ventilation with high efficiency, rotating plate heat exchanger. Energy supply (heat) based on air to water heat pump.

Timber technology
Prefabricated roof- and wall elements (timber studwork) delivered with insulation and cladding. Breathing wall construction.

Environmentally friendly materials
Local timber for cladding and structure. Timber fibre batt insulation. Environmentally certified windows (Swan mark). Seven products with environmental documentation approved by Norwegian Wood.

Universal design
Path with 1:20 gradient. Upper row of houses have 'visitor standard' with access to main floor from rear and level access from semi-basement floor to front garden. Lower row of houses have main functions on entrance level and can be adapted to whole life standard through creation of a bedroom.


Area: approx. 2000 sqm
Gross area: 2000 m²


Energy consumption: Energy consumption (net): 105 kwh/m2/year
Energy consumption (supplied): 82 kwh/m2/year
Energy sources: Mechanic ventilation with heat-exchanger. Heat pump (air to water) producing heat and warmwater.
Estimated net energy: 105 kWh/m²/year (NS3031)
Estimated energy delivered: 82 kWh/m²/year (NS3031)



Room heating: 31 kWh/m²/year
Domestic hot water: 30 kWh/m²/year
Fans: 4 kWh/m²/year
Lighting: 17 kWh/m²/year
Technical equipment: 23 kWh/m²/year


U-value roof: 0,12 (W/m²K)
U-value floor: 0,06 (W/m²K)
U-value wall: 0,15 (W/m²K)
U-value windows/doors: 0,8 (W/m²K)


Building costs: Approx. 27 million ex. VAT.
Price pr square meter: 27400000 kr/m²
Extra expenses energy: 1390 kr/m²
Project support Enova: 113000 kr


Street address: Grashaugveien 20, 4034 Stavanger
Place: Godeset i Stavanger
Municipality: Stavanger
Project duration: 2006 - 2009
Status: Completed
Project type: New building / addition
Building type (function): Housing area / housing development , Detached home / townhouse
Building code: TEK-07
Environmental goal: Low energy house class 1
Case study project program: Norwegian Wood


Developer / client: Base Property AS
Architect: Biesel Arkitekter AS, Eder | Noncon:form (Østerrike)
Landscapearchitect: Schønherr landskab KS
Project management: Rogaland entreprenør AS
Energy consultants: Sweco Norge AS
Consultants: Oras AS (RIV) | Sweco Norge AS (RIE)
Main contractor: Rogaland entreprenør AS
Sub contractors: Trebyggeriet AS (treelementer)
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Norwegian Wood - et laboratorium. Miljøvennlig arkitektur for fremtiden. (2008)