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Published by: Publisert av Ragnhild Kristin Liaset, NAL Last updated 19.04.2013

The new timber town on Siriskjær as part of Urban Sjøfront is under construction. Siriskjær will be a mixed residential area of ​​business that is in the verge of an extended Stavanger. The project was stopped due to the financial situation of the market in 2008, but will be finished in 2013 with less wood than originally planned.

Short facts

  • Architect: AART (danmark) | Kraftværk
  • Project duration: 2010 - 2014
  • Area: approximately 28,000 sq.m.

Project description

This new harbourside development is based on a reinterpretation of the traditional timber warehouse, and creates a variation of volumes and spaces along the waterfront. The distribution of housing-commercial functions is approximately 90%–10%, with most of the commercial activities limited to
ground floor level. The buildings were planned to be constructed in prefabricated timber elements, clad in timber boarding.

The shape of the building is based on a very precise analysis of the site and the historical character of Stavanger, its seafront warehouses with their varied openings and alleyways that provide glimpses of the sea and also contact between the sea and the functions behind. The daring angular forms, large volumes moulded in regard to climate (wind and sun), create a dynamic play of light and shadow.

The project was stopped in the preliminary phase in 2008, and was later taken over by a new developer. The new developer received the green light from the municipality to allow for the use of concrete in addition to wood. This is particularly due to economy reasons, but also with a background in building statics.

Timber construction
The architects originally aimed for a pure use of wood in the project, by applying massive wood in the interior and substructure, hardboards as isolation, plywood as steam breakers in addition to chip roofing in the exterior.
The project was later alteres, opening for use of concrete in addition to wood.

The originally aimed for passive house levels.

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Area: approximately 28,000 sq.m.
Gross area: 19500 m²
Number of residents/users: 128


Energy consumption: Energy: net: 101 KWh / m2/år
Energy consumption: delivered: 106 KWh / m2/år
Energy consumption: providing weighted: 80 KWh / m2/år
Energy sources: Balanced ventilation with heat recovery. Energy based on district heating.


Street address: Siriskjær
Place: Stavanger Øst
Municipality: Stavanger
Project duration: 2010 - 2014
Project type: New building / addition , City / local development
Building type (function): Housing area / housing development
Building category (building code): Housing block
Case study project program: Norwegian Wood
Type of competition: Open project competition
Method of procurement: Design and build contract


Developer / client: Kruse Smith AS
Architect: AART (danmark) | Kraftværk
Original Architect: AART (danmark) | Studio ludo as
Main contractor: Frøiland Bygg
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