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  Last updated 31.08.2017

National Association of

Norwegian Architects

 National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) is a professional ideal members organization. We work to promote good architecture and architects shared interests. NAL participate in the public debate about architecture and local development, and we are pushing for the development of architectural policy in Norway against politicians the decision makers. We promote high quality in the exercise of profession through education, pilot projects, architectural competitions, magazines and various initiatives.

Architectural Competitions
NAL is a consultant and facilitator for the implementation of architectural competitions in Norway. We assist clients with the implementation of the competition and provides guidance and advice to our members. In addition, we monitor the competitive market and crack down on offending, illegal or unsuitable competitive arrangements or conditions.

A venue for training , dissemination and exchange of experience
NAL offers members training and education in various architectural academic areas. We organize seminars and conferences on various topics of architecture and local development. The primary goal is to raise architects knowledge and skills and to be a forum for the dissemination and exchange of experience.

Environment and sustainability
NAL is a leading supplier of knowledge in the fields of environment and sustainability. Through project collaboration with governments and national research resources we develop new approaches and brings out best practices and pilot projects focused on achieving change in practice. With a multidisciplinary approach NAL aims to increase collaboration between architects, consultants and other stakeholders in the construction industry.


Our Journals

ForsideArkN-05-20130905ForsideArkN-05-20130905ForsideArkN-05-20130905Architecture N
Architecture N is the foremost architectural professional journals and presents the ultimate in Norwegian architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. The journal has been published under the name Byggekunst since 1919 and changed its name to Architecture N in 2007. Architecture N comes with 8 issues per year with a circulation of approx. 6 500. Arkitektur N.

In 2012 Arkitektur N launched a website in English: http://www.architecturenorway.no 
The contents of architecturenorway.no are based on projects and articles published in the magazine Arkitektur N. 

ArkitektnyttArkitektnytt• Architect News
Architect News brings you the news from Norway and abroad on architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture. The magazine focuses on architects working at different levels. Besides being a current affairs magazine, Arkitektnytt is an arena for debate, subject criticism and technical innovation. The magazine is published 11 times a year, with a circulation of 5 800.


NAK 449 forsideNAK 449 forside• Norwegian Architectural Competitions
Norwegian Architecture Competitions (NAK) is the only magazine of its kind, where architectural competitions documented in a systematic and professional manner. We present the winning project and the other prize, purchased and honored drafts, as well as the central part of the jury's criticism.




NAL has approximately 4100 members in 14 local associations. We have 35 employees and are located in the Architects' House in Oslo. NALs 14 local associations have their own arrangements of both academic and social nature.