David Basulto: “ArchDaily: Internet & Opportunities”

David Basulto er arkitekt utdannet ved Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Han er gründer og sjefredaktør for nettstedet ArchDaily. David Basulto er i år kurator for utstillingen «IN THERAPY. Nordic Countries Face to Face» i den Nordiske paviljongen ved Arkitekturbiennalen i Venezia, som vises til og med 27. november. Ellers har han forelest i diverse land, vært engasjert som kurator for arkitekturbiennaler og utstillinger, vært redaktør for tidsskrifter og jurymedlem i arkitekturkonkurranser.

 Han skriver selv i forbindelse med foredraget han skal holde i OAF:

ArchDaily is an evolving project of the Internet – an experiment in archiving, disseminating discourse and sharing content related to architecture and urbanism on a scale that was not possible as little as two decades ago. Since our foundation in 2008, we have operated around a single mission: to bring knowledge, inspiration and tools to the people who are, and will be, designing the urban centers which will accommodate our planet’s (exponentially rising) population. Most importantly for us, we are continually connecting people from around the developed and developing world by building a platform which operates in four languages—Spanish, English, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese—to ensure that these discussions are available to the widest possible global audience.

In this context of the global hyper-urbanization ArchDaily operates as a startup, applying a scalable mindset to its mission. Questions about globalization, identity, consciousness, and the redefinition of the architect’s role are part of our agenda.

In the exhibition in the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale are some of these questions crystallized into the curatorial project and exhibition design.