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Northern Europe's largest appartment building of solid wood

Publisert av: Per Anda / NAL Sist oppdatert 19.04.2013

Northern Europe's largest block of massive wood, built as part of Norwegian Wood project. Egenes Park is located on the site of Stavanger Stadion and consists of 55 apartments and a kindergarten. The project received the Stavanger municipality building design prize in 2010.

Korte fakta

  • Arkitekt: HLM arkitektur AS
  • Landskapsarkitekt: Riss Landskap AS
  • Prosjektperiode: 2006 - 2009
  • Arealforbruk: 6404 m2 (heated area) (homes / kindergarden: 5783/621 m2)
  • Miljøambisjon: Energimerke: A (Light green)

Project description

This project for housing and a kindergarten takes its clues from the existing buildings around the site, with existing small-scale timber buildings to the south and a sports stadium to the north. A taller block volume fronts the stadium, and lower row houses relate to the existing timber structures. An «energy cloak» gathers the different volumes, protecting to the north and opening up southwards. 

The housing units average approx. 80 sq.m. In the lower part, all units have universal access and life standard. The taller buildings have lift access.

The structure of both the kindergarten and the housing is timber with a concrete basement. The north facades are conceived as dark timber «hoods», opening for passive solar gain to the south.

Relatively compact building form. Careful positioning of windows. (apartment block has a closed elevation to the north, and is open to the south). Moderate amount of glazing and use of passive house windows. Moderate to well insulated building envelope. Predominantly timber structure reduces cold bridging. Reduced air leakage. Central ventilation system with high efficiency heat recovery. Heat pump to meet heating requirements (air-water) as well as condensing gas boiler for peak loads on cold days. Heat pump positioned in parking area to make use of heat gains from recently parked cars.

Timber technology
Combination of massive timber, laminated timber and prefabricated timber frame construction in the apartment block, row houses and kindergarten. Prefabricated and pre-coated timber cladding panels.

Environmentally friendly materials
Pine roofing, with environmentally friendly timber treatment.
Untreated larch terrace. Untreated massive timber elements in roof and walls. Untreated timber panelling used internally in kindergarten. Timber cover plates instead of sealant.  Environmentally certified windows and decking boards (Swan mark). Eight products with environmental documentation approved by Norwegian Wood.

Universal design
Relatively level external areas linked by low gradient ramps and paths. Guidelines (natural and man-made) along access routes to main entrance. Edge marking in external ground finishes. Level access and entrances with level and spacious landings (minimum 150x150mm). All entrances are clearly visible with contrasting colours between door leafs and walls. The row houses and the majority of apartments have whole life standard.  Short distance to lifts (one lift serves 2-3 apartments on each floor). 10% disabled parking. Continuous poured rubber surface in kindergarten external play areas (provides wheelchair users with a better internal environment as less dirt and dust is brought inside). Environmental materials specification and good ventilation provides good conditions for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Costs and funding

Total cost was approx. 220 million or 34 300 NOK/m2. The total additional cost for low-energy concept was 11.8 million or 5.4% of the total cost.


Arealforbruk: 6404 m2 (heated area) (homes / kindergarden: 5783/621 m2)
Oppvarmet bruksareal: 6404 m²
Glassandel av bruksareal: 17,6 %
Kompakthetsfaktor: 0,59m² overflateareal/m³ oppvarmet volum


Energimerke: A (Light green)
Energiforbruk: Net energy: 108 kWh/m2 year. Delivered energy: 74 kWh/m2 year. (Input from NS3031 and standard climate) Figures for kindergarden respectively 122 and 88 kWh/m2/yr.
Energikilder: Heat pump (air - water) (utilizing surplus heat from garage), Gas boiler (condensing boiler for peak load)
Beregnet netto energibehov: 108 kWh/m²/år (NS3031)
Beregnet levert energi: 74 kWh/m²/år (NS3031)


Inndata fra NS3031 og standardklima


Romoppvarming: 32 kWh/m²/år
Ventilasjonsvarme (varmebatterier): 4 kWh/m²/år
Varmtvann (tappevann): 30 kWh/m²/år
Vifter: 8 kWh/m²/år
Belysning: 14 kWh/m²/år
Teknisk utstyr: 20 kWh/m²/år


U-verdi tak: 0,13 (W/m²K)
U-verdi gulv: 0,08 (W/m²K)
U-verdi yttervegger: 0,2 (W/m²K)
U-verdi vinduer/ytterdører: 0,8 (W/m²K)
Spesifikk vifteeffekt: 1,9 kW/(m3/s)
Årsvirkningsgrad varmegjenvinner: 80 %


Bygningskostnader: 220 MNOK
Kvadratmeterpris (kun bygg): 34300 kr/m²
Merkostnader Energi: 1840 kr/m²
Prosjektstøtte Enova: 408300 kr


Adresse: Bretlandsgate 45 - 73, 4009 Stavanger
Sted/bydel: Eiganes
Kommune: Stavanger
Prosjektperiode: 2006 - 2009
Status: Completed
Prosjekttype: New building / addition
Funksjon/Bygningstype: Housing area / housing development , Kindergartens
Forbildeprogram: Norwegian Wood


Byggherre: Svein Aase
Arkitekt: HLM arkitektur AS
Landskapsarkitekt: Riss Landskap AS
Prosjektledelse (PL): Varde byggadministrasjon AS | Rogaland bygg og prosjektutvikling AS
Hovedentreprenør: Tore Ravndal AS
Underentreprenører: Moelven limtre (limtre), Moelven massivtre (massivtre)
Tegningene kan inneholde feil og kan beskrive løsninger som ikke er i overenstemmelse med lov og forskriftskrav. Tegningene er kun for inspirasjon og er opphavsbeskyttet. Norske arkitekters landsforbund er ikke ansvarlig for tap eller skade forårsaket av noen form for videre bruk av publiserte tegninger.

Project announcement has been prepared as part of Norwegian Wood was a wide collaboration led by NAL | ECOBOX. The project's main partners - in addition to Stavanger2008 - was, Stavanger and Sandnes, Innovation Norway, Enova, Housing, Construction Cost Program, Government Building Technology and Administration, Ministry of Environment and wood.