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Norwegian Wood was one of the largest projects of Stavanger 2008 - European City of Culture. Rogaland has a rich tradition of timber building and Stavanger is Europe's largest timber city. Norwegian Wood's goal was to further develop this tradition by realizing 15 exemplary building projects with innovative and environmentally friendly timber architecture. Norwegian Wood contributed to make the Stavanger region a display window both nationally and internationally for environmentally friendly architecture.

A digital online architecture guide has been established that includes the finished Norwegian Wood projects as well as newer projects inspired by the Norwegian Wood quality criterias.

The guide invites you to make your own selection of projects to visit from a predefined suggestion of inspiring projects in the Stavanger area. The digital guide makes it easy to create a printable booklet based on your selection of projects. There is a table of contents, an overwiew-map containing your selected projects, as well as project description that contain pictures, project description and map of each of your selected projects. The guide is available online, but you may also save it to your phone or print it so that you don't have to worry about roaming costs when in Norway.
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Norwegian Wood was a wide collaboration lead by Norwegian Association of Architects (NAL) until 2008. Our most important collaborators – in addition to Stavanger 2008 was; Stavanger and Sandnes Municipalities, Innovation Norway, Enova, The Norwegian State Housing Bank, The building Cost Programme, National Office of Building Technology and Administration, Ministry of Environment, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and the Timber Industry.

Norwegian Wood’s quality criterias were guidelines set to develop building projects of high architectural quality. Theses crieterias were: low energy use, principles of universal design, use of environmentally friendly materials and new, rational, timber building systems.

Forward-looking projects with good solutions require innovative thinking and a growth of competence. Norwegian Wood was therefore an educational arena for those involved – architects, consultants, developers, contractors, the timber industry, construction workers and municipalities. In order to contribute to this education, NAL arranged international architectural competitions, seminars and multidisciplinary workshops and a large international conference (Norwegian Wood Conference) with leading experts in Norway and Europe.

On 12. - 16. November 2008 the  Norwegian Wood Conference was arranged in Stavanger. The conference aimed to present the results of Norwegian Wood, and discuss these in light of international standards for modern, sustainable timber architecture, and of the traditional timber architecture of the Stavanger region.

Preikestolen fjellstue, Helen og Hard AS. Photo: Emile Ashley


Projects finished in 2008:

Jåtten East B7 – 73 self-build low-energy rowhouses, Stavanger
(April Arkitekter, Norway)
Lantern open air stage– a protected town square and open-air stage in Langgata, Sandnes.
(Atelier Oslo, Norway / AWP, France)
Preikestolen mountain lodge – a new Tourist Association mountain lodge close to Preikestolen in Ryfylke (Helen & Hard AS, Norway)
Egenes Park – 58 urban dwellings and a four department kindergarten at Eiganes, Stavanger
(Onix, Holland / HLM arkitektur og plan, Norway)
Marialunden – 10 semi detached single family houses organized as to rows at Godeset, Stavanger
(Eder Biesel, Norway / Noncon:form, Austria)
Lierdalen farm house- extension of an existing farmhouse
(Helge Schjelderup sivilarkitekter MNAL AS, Norway)

Marialunden, Eder Biesel architects / noncon:form

Projects finished after 2008:
Bogafjell 1 - 24 detached houses and terraced houses car park, Sandnes
Bogafjell 2 – 26 detached houses and terraced houses car park, Sandnes
(CODE, Norway)
Siriskjær – 150 apartments in Urban Seafront, Stavanger
(Studio Ludo, Norway / AART, Denmark)

Planned projects (not decided whether will be built):
Pedestrian bridge at Forus - forms a part of the tour/cycle route net Svanholmen, Forus
(Selberg Arkitektkontor, Norway)
Tilbygg Stavanger - villa extension kit for houses inside the timber city.
(Christian Schöberle, sivilarkitekt MNAL, Norway)
Valenheimen – artists’ housing in Fartein Valen’s landscape, Valevåg, Sveio
(Arkitektgruppen Valenheimen - Norway)
Jåtten East B8 – housing and apartment blocks with approx. 100 dwellings, Stavanger
(April Arkitekter, Norway)
Eideåna bridge- pedestrianbridge is part of the North Sea Countries route net, Egersund
(Arne Eggen Arkitektkontor, Norway)
Brueland kindergarten – 8 department kindergarten, Sandnes
(Onix, Holland / HLM arkitektur og plan, Norway)
Bridge across Møllebachneset - vehicular bridge Rv 44, Mølbachneset, Egersund
(Selberg Arkitektkontor, Norway)
Buøykaia - Residential area of seven units at Buøykaia
(Helge Schjeldrup Sivilarkitekter MNAL, Norway)
Fartein Valen scene - A cultural scene with flexible solutions and sustainable use of materials
(Walter Unterrainer, Austria)
Student houses in Stavanger
(CODE, Norway)


  1. Modern, sustainable and low cost timber facades
    Applicant: Studio Ludo /Project leader:SINTEF Byggforsk / Financing: Innovation Norway
  2. Industrialization of the production process from sketch to construction site
    Applicant: unsettled / Project leader: SINTEF Byggforsk / Financing: Innovation Norway
  3. Energyefficient- and timber based outer walls- and roof constructions
    Applicant: Studio Ludo  / Project leader: SINTEF Byggforsk / Financing: Innovation Norway
  4. Developing building elements in massive wood with accustical qualities
    Applicant: HLM arkitektur og plan AS/Project leader:Treteknisk/Financing: Innovation Norway
  5. Developing sound proof conjunctions in multistoried timber houses
    Applicant: HLM arkitektur og plan AS/Project leader:Treteknisk/Financing: Innovation Norway
  6. Experiences from the construction phase, density measures: Jåtten Øst B7
    Applicant: SINTEF Byggforsk / Project leader: SINTEF Byggforsk / Financing: Husbanken
  7. Sustainable wooden bridges for the future
    Applicant: Treteknisk/Project leader: Treteknisk / Financing: NFR
  8. Accessible design: Brueland kindergarden
    Applicant: SINTEF Byggforsk / Project leader: SINTEF Byggforsk / Financing: Husbanken
  9. Accessible design: Jåtten Øst B8
    Applicant: unsettled / Project leader: Norsk Designråd / Financing: Husbanken


  • Per Anda
    Project manager
    Tlf: (+47) 970 89 044

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