Forelesning False Mirror Office

  Sist oppdatert 06.06.2016

TAF inviterer til forelesning og omvisning,

Torsdag 9.juni kl 1900 på Trondheim Maritime Senter (TMS) på Nyhavna.

  • Ingrid Sætherø fra Koteng Eiendom vil holde en kort introduksjon til prosjektet.
  • Eggen arkitekter vil presentere prosjektet TMS mer i detalj, før vi får en kort omvisning i bygget. 
  • False Mirror Office vil til slutt holde en forelesning om sitt konkurranseprosjekt til Europankonkurransen på Strandveikaia. 




False Mirror Office

"False Mirror Office is a collective of Architects, outcome of a fortunate encounter between six professionals sharing the Genoa Polytechnic School as common background. Each member has experienced projects of all scales working in international renowned architecture firms, developing different perspectives and complementary skills that reflect in their work.

Having elected Europan as our test ground, we set our primary goal in the disclosure of the ambiguity of the almost ubiquitous and overwhelming concept of Adaptability. This solution for Strandveikaia is the result of a discussion about contemporary approach to historic cities, typology and social strategies: a plan that works with time and against the generic city."

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tav3_montaggio DEf_UNITItav3_montaggio DEf_UNITI


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