Forelesning: LAN (torsdag 26.februar kl 1900)

  Sist oppdatert 21.02.2015

LAN (Paris)


Tid: Torsdag 26.februar kl 1900

Sted: Rådhussalen, Folkebiblioteket


LAN (Local Architecture Network) was founded by Benoit Jallon and Umberto Napolitano in 2002 with the intent of exploring architecture as the intersection of several disciplines. 

This approach has today become a working method, and it has allowed the firm to explore new territories and to develop a vision that encompasses social, urban planning, functional, and formal issues. 

The firm’s projects consider this universe of possibilities at all different scales and contexts, and they have been recognized on multiple occasions in France and across the world, be they sophisticated architectural objects such as the EDF National Archives or experimental housing developments, commercial buildings, cultural projects or urban planning projects. 

LAN is an active participant in international architectural debate. The firm is strongly committed to the dissemination and interrogation of the values underlying contemporary architecture, whether in an academic setting, or at major institutions and cultural events worldwide.

In 2013, the Spanish publisher Actar gave LAN carte blanche to publish a book, which appeared in 2014. Called TRACES, the book interlaces reflections on the nature of cities with discussions of the various issues that characterize the firm’s projects.