Tekst joakim skajaa Sist oppdatert 02.10.2018
On the 4th of October at 9.00 am, Habitat Norway is pleased to invite you to an open international conference on Forced Evictions. The conference will be held at Arkitektenes Hus, Josefines Gate 34.

We face an unprecedented urban housing crisis. Approx.1.6 billion people are considered inadequately housed, sixty million displaced from home whereas the number of homeless are reaching exponential dimensions on all continents. The situation is multifaceted, includes issues ranging from forced evictions to displacement to gentrification, from mortgage crises to austerity driven decline in public housing, to exponential slum growth. The global urban poverty and housing challenge is precipitated by war and destruction, natural disasters, and climate change, misguided and capital driven development, land speculation and corruption. This is what Norway invites focus on in the conference.


(Moderator: Helge Onsrud)

9.15 – 9.30 OPENING Words of welcome. Erik Berg, Chair, Habitat Norway

9.30 – 9.50 INTRODUCTION “Leaving no one behind”. The role of Urban development and Housing in Norwegian development cooperation Ms. Marit Brandtzæg, Dep. Director General, Norwegian Agency for Development Coop.

9.50 – 10.20 KEY NOTE SPEECH “The global state of Housing Evictions”. How to achieve a “Shift”- locally, nationally and internationally. Ms Leilani Fahra, UN’s Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing. Questions and comments

10.35 – 10.50 REFRESHMENTS

10.50 – 11.35 “Three evictions”. Same, same but different? The grassroot movements and their methods. How to secure the right to housing for the urban poor? Speakers: Megan Chapman, Lagos, Nigeria; Jack Makau, Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. Santi Mas de Xaxas Faus, Barcelona, Spain. Questions and comments

11.50 – 12.20 KEY NOTE SPEECH “Evictions and the global development architecture”. New measures and mechanisms to prevent and monitor evictions and secure the right to housing for all. Ms. Clare Short, Chair, Cities Alliance. Questions and comments

12. 30 – 13.15 PANEL (all speakers)/PLENARY DISCUSSION : The way forward.