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Virksomhetstype: Arkitektur, Landskapsarkitektur, Sammensatt Etableringsår: 2011 Antall medarbeidere: 5-10

Kort om kontoret

SERVICES + PRODUCT Our focus is to produce urban research based on experimental and diverse research methodologies derived by the demands of either client, challenge, site or phenomena. The strength of Flock is the flock itself. Comprised of a collective of the dedicated urbanists, architects and landscape architects, we offer a commitment to unleashing new strategical, research based projects of all scales. Through a large, membership based collective with diverse ongoing professional ...


Thinning : ongoing project

IcelandThinning occurs in situations where you have growth, but a thinning of activity. The outcome is similar to what we see in shrinking cities but with different causes. Opposed to shrinking cities that are experiencing downturn, Thinning appears in popular and/or prosperous environments. From Koolhaas lecture and our own investigation, we have identified four categories or causes of thinning - Real Estate Speculation, Tourism, Increased Living Area and Preservation.

The hybridization of the suburban city

Perth, AustraliaThe Hybridisation of the Suburban City set out to establish a critical understanding of the nature of urban hybrids and their relationship to transit and density. This research was conducted as the result of the theoretical discovery that urban hybrids evolve from the same variables as transit oriented development: Mobility and Density. The aim of The Hybridisation of the Suburban City' was to test this theoretical discovery through an experimental, variable analysis of Hybridity, Mobility an...


Oslo, Norway. 1st prize.WEMAKECITY was a research driven project investigating how Oslo is made. Which processes, people, institutions and power structures shape the urban territories of Oslo city today? The project was exhibited as a public installation during the 4th International Architecture Triennale in Oslo. A podcasted radio show in 8 parts discussed the findings of the research, focusing on introducing readings of contemporary urban space of Oslo City.

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