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Virksomhetstype: Arkitektur Etableringsår: 2013 Antall medarbeidere: 1

Kort om kontoret

Kilvær Arkitektur er et helt nystartet kontor i Oslo med bakgrunn fra Melbourne, Australia. Kilvær Arkitektur er engasjert i de små detaljene, i materialene, og i det veldig store bildet.


Hanging Wall

Creswick, AustraliaHANGING WALL How do you weave a wall through a forest? The Hanging Wall is built from recycled tomato sticks, suspended from posts planted between the trees. The result is a barrel-like fence that leans to accentuate the meandering motion, that also works a body-responsive piece of public furniture. This project was realized by a group of students at the University of Melbourne, based on an initial design and coordinated by Lasse Kilvær


Melbourne, Australia (Urealisert)The built landscape functions as a lid over the Earth’s surface. The sky is separated from the dirt; the rain can’t reach and water the seeds below. Architecture is a tool of biological control. In the same way corals leave reefs through metabolizing calcium carbonate in the sea, the calcium carbonate in concrete can be utilized and reorganized by a living organism. Concrete is used to increase our control zone and decrease biodiversity, but it can be re-appropriated to create a new kind of c...


UrealisertHow will architecture adapt to a mixed reality? If the designed environment is largely virtual, how can the built environment develop beyond shelter and in support of this new experience? The ‘Babylon’ project is an investigation of a future architecture without doors and walls, with real time flexibility of functions through virtual landscapes.

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