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Virksomhetstype: Arkitektur, Landskapsarkitektur Etableringsår: 2013 Antall medarbeidere: 1

Kort om kontoret

a-works is an architecture and art practice based in Bergen, Norway being led by the Romanian/Canadian architect Cristian Stefanescu The studio constructs environments that play with spatial and sensorial experience. These environments evolve through the curious use of materials, assemblies and methods, while extending across various scales, locations and types.


ALDEA | Center for Contemporary Art, Design and Technology

Bergen | Norway | 2017-2018Refurbishment of 2 floors inside an existing industrial building on the Bergen waterfront. Ground floor hosts the gallery, project space, wood + metal + digital fabrication workshop. 7th floor hosts artist studios, storage, common kitchen/living room. Spatial and material porosity guides the architecture and serves to encourage a more visible and interactive community both internally and in relationship to the street/city.

Hardanger Skyspace

Øystese | Norway | 2013-2016A work of light, colour and space in collaboration with the American artist James Turrell. At the foot of the mountain, at the edge into the fjord lies a monolith of stacked dark polished concrete elements - an octagonal exterior and elliptical interior. A black solid door leads into a smooth white elliptical space with a continuous warm perimeter bench. Sky light enters through a round aperture at the top and filters through interior coloured light to establish a physical presence.

Black Box Teater Foyer

Oslo | Norway | 2017-2018Transformation of the former foyer into a flexible environment to accommodate performances, post show talks, events, seminars, festivals and art exhibitions. A series of translucent curtains delineate the space into multiple zones while maintaining light and transparency. All interior elements are made to be highly mobile. The result is highly flexible and generous interior public space. In collaboration with Kolab Arkitekter AS

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