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Virksomhetstype: Arkitektur, Landskapsarkitektur Etableringsår: 2015 Antall medarbeidere: 2

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Resell+Nicca is working towards an inclusive and locally adapted architecture that respect and challenge its surroundings. The office is working within a range of building categories of different size and character, and undertakes architectural assignments nationally and internationally.


Office Kampen Park

OsloIn 2016 Resell+Nicca took over a small space that had been left empty for almost ten years, and transformed it into an office space for a small group of architects. Main focus: - Open plan: Include all of the available volume in one coherent space. - Customization: The limited size of the space required custom-made solutions. - Original versus New: Existing parts = white and plain, new parts = black and with texture.

Cabin Ryfylke

RyfylkeThe cabin is situated in gently sloping terrain on a lush small island northeast of Stavanger. The enclosing form is chosen to create a protected and sunny outdoor space with views over the fjord to the south. Common spaces, such as living room, dining room and kitchen caters onto this side, while the majority of bedrooms are located on the opposite side, facing the forest. The project is done in cooperation with Pir2 Oslo AS.

Villa Falkeblikk

DrammenThe top floor is articulated as a wooden box that is suspended towards the fjord, while the lower lying parts of the building is given a stone facade - anchoring it to the ground. The entrance is located on the top floor, and from here one has direct contact with the main living areas and a central vertical core (with staircase and elevator). The core provides connection to the underlying floors and a roof terrace on top of the house. From the living room, kitchen and dining area, one has vis...

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