The office simply known as Tin.

The office simply known as Tin.Rådhusgata 270158 Oslo
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Kort om kontoret

tin. is an Oslo-based independent office providing research designs, strategical concepts and theoretical assessments on urban affairs. Distinguished for its polarizing work on both prestigious research and commercial endeavors, the office conducts in-depth investigations in the specter of technology, economics, demographics, real estate, spaces, urbanity, cultures and trends. We are highly valued for our ability to extrapolate unprecedented theses from predictable circumstances.



2nd place in the Horten Harborfront competition, 2019Proposal of a knowledge district in Horten - with NSW and SLA. The project received high remarks by the jury as undeniably the most contemporary proposal for the site, its analytical thoroughness, modern approach to architectural design, most convincing conceptual proposal, clearest use of programmatic functions, argumentation against housing and treatment of identity.

Treatments of ERC Proposals

9 different projects in Europe & Africa, 2016-2018Hired to brainstorm, deliberate, and illustrate OsloMets top-ranked applications that are sent to the European Research Council (ERC). Collaborations with both national and international researchers range in the fields of photography, creative arts, big data analysis, gender and social studies, counter-cyber terrorism, cybernetics, ICT, digital divide, robotics, marine technology, pandemics, public health, East-African & European networks, cultural strategies, urbanism etc.

Coworking Spaces

Winner of the Aspelin Ramm Award, 2016147-page diploma thesis. In the summer of 2012 Oslo went from 0 to 4 coworking spaces and in 2016, the number of spaces has more than tripled. This thesis investigates 3 startup-related coworking spaces (The Simula Garage, StartupLab, MESH) in the Oslo area. What are the spatial culture and urban implications of coworking spaces?

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